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Top Tips: Marketing in a World of Distraction

February 17th, 2016



By Dan Smith

I’ve recently run an experiment for the last 12 months, taking myself off Facebook, and the results are in… I didn’t miss it at all.

Running a marketing company, my aim is to help clients get in front of their customers and touch them in some meaningful way. My professional brain tells me the age of digital with social media and 24/7 content is a massive advantage. However, on a personal level my overriding sense is to turn it all off. It makes me wonder if we’ll look back in years to come and brand this form of consumption as a drug. Whether it’s standing at the train station, going out for a meal, shopping, working, even at home with my wife and watching the latest episode of ‘The Affair’ together, we’re interrupted… bling, bong, fizz, there are updates.

In today’s world we’re inundated like never before; Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, WhatsApp, BBC News, GQ, Esquire, Emails, blogs and on and on… pheeeeew.

I’m married, a father of two girls, running a relatively successful marketing business that requires a lot of hours, enjoy movies, Game of Thrones and Suits. If I can, I like to play the odd game of golf on a Saturday. I’m officially very time poor.

So, for someone to sell me something it really needs to grab me, it has to be easy to digest, short and concise, memorable and really strike a chord. In theory Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter advertising has huge potential for my clients, targeted display adverts based on collected data that we can serve to targeted people. But here’s the catch; so much of the content is bland and uninspiring that we are tuning out.

There’s an argument for brand awareness but people aren’t engaging.  It’s fair to say that digital marketing seems to go hand in hand with cynicism these days. Consumers are surrounded by so many marketing images, video and words, brands can easily blend into one another. As a result, consumers are looking for something new, something inspiring, and something that will stick in the mind.

This all means that it has never been more important to engage with people by creating an emotional response – ‘feeling’.

At Fireworx we focus on feeling and response – how do we want people to feel and how do we want them to respond. For any forward-thinking business in 2015 it has never been harder to engage with people and to cut through all the noise. Here are our tips for marketing your business in a world of distraction:

• Invest in defining your customer and their habits – profiling has never been more important.

• Have a marketing calendar which outlines your communications across the year. Align your strategy with natural peaks of interest from your customers.

• Regardless of how you market yourself, make it short, concise, visually engaging and memorable – think news and headlines.

• Test – think about the message, the offer, the creative, the channel.

• Analyse – data and conversions are so important in today’s marketing function. Analyse and optimise!

Meanwhile. I’m staying off Facebook as it’s just another distraction I can do without!


Dan Smith is the co-founder and Managing Director of digital marketing agency, Fireworx, ranked as one of the top ten elite marketing agencies in the UK. Based in Bournemouth, Fireworx helps entrepreneurial-minded clients grow faster.


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