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About Glenn Watkins

fullsizerender-90My role as Chairman of Academy 88 & Academy 08

I work alongside progressive leaders to transform business through leadership excellence and personal mastery.

My passion for leadership development  and entrepreneurial business growth have come together at the Academy for Chief Executives Groups 88 and 08 where, having “walked the talk” as a Chief Executive *member for seven years, I have created a select Group 88 specifically for progressive CEOs and MDs and a select Group 08 for progressive Directors and Entrepreneurs, of growing businesses in the North and Central London, *Watford and *Harrow areas.

*I am very pleased and privileged to have also consolidated the Academy Founding group and territory which was chaired by Brian Chernett and Robi Bernberg of which I was a member for many years.

I am very proud to have been awarded the Academy for Chief Executives Chairman of the Year Award 2015.

My background has both a strong people, commercial and technical focussed component, with 25 years of entrepreneurial leadership combined with internet expertise working with blue chip organisations, SME leaders and entrepreneurs.

I co-founded the world’s first social business network in 1998 and as Chief Executive, together with a small team, Glenn Watkinsgrew it to a global membership of over half a million businesses.

Leadership is social influence that engages people to support and deliver a shared vision. To achieve ongoing success we must continue to develop and grow ourselves, what better way than to being surrounded by other progressive leaders and experts?

I believe in shared life long learning that is challenging, inspirational and fun – love leadership, love learning, love life!

“Thought leaders have a thirst for learning and an appetite for sharing”  Glenn Watkins

“Joy at the work place has nothing to do with function, and everything to do with purpose.” Neale Donald Walsch

My core values: Adventurous – Fun-loving – Curious – Empathetic – Positive – Disciplined

I’m a proud family man and very fortunate to be married to Sophia and have a daughter Libby and son, Alex.

photo (17) photo (18) Millau Viaduct, France - On route to Barcelona for the Catalunya MotoGP   Gixer 750 headed for Spain  photo (15) photo (16)  GW bike and Otto photo 1 (19)

I love all things moto two wheels including the Isle of Man TT (first attended when I was 10 – sick as  a dog on the ferry!), Dakar rally, British and World Super Bikes and of course  MotoGP. I love to ride and ride to live! Currently riding a new wave classic custom Triumph Bonneville and also have a 1981 Suzuki 650 which is a project one day…

I’m a keen photographer and I’ve also done some extensive trekking in Machu Picchu:

168170_10150372632545453_4665959_n  179676_10150372644680453_5196118_n 165113_10150372642610453_2227225_n 167289_10150372644220453_6791474_n (1) 165631_10150372635370453_3637755_n 167304_10150372632255453_5118922_n Otto_Snow1_April_2008 Glenn & Otto

Plus I get my daily dose of clarity while walking my four-legged friend Otto!

Next thing on the agenda is a Ted Simon (Jupiter’s Travels – “Magic is simply experiencing something for the first time”) inspired road-trip around South America…

I love going into the Wild and being mindful in all aspects of my work and life.

My 50 Word Cloud

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What people say…

“Glenn is an excellent chairman and group leader. Providing top level knoweledge, leadershilp and motivation to help the members achieve great results.”
Neil Driver, Partner in Davis Grant LLP

“I have been fortunate to have worked with Glenn for some 7 years. He made major contributions as a member of my Academy group and I am sure will bring together a powerful group himself. He is well read and just swallows up learning. He models sincerity and integrity and is a masterful networker. Glenn will be a caring and creative mentor and coach, always inspiring other to succeed.” 
Brian Chernett, Founder/Chairman/ACE group 2, Academy for Chief Executives Ltd

“Glenn Watkins is the finest CEO I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my whole career. If you can find better I would like to meet them.”
Thomas PowerChairman, Ecademy

“Glenn is a dedicated professional with an impressive digital marketing background. He is hyper efficient and has an appealing tendency to perservere in challenging situations. He eats work but is also fun to be around.”
Andrew Morris Chief Executive, Academy for Chief Executives Ltd

“One of the joys of working in the social media arena is meeting people like Glenn who truly lives the community spirit. He’s a visionary leader, extremely open minded and willing to explore new innovations, support grass roots ideas and the people behind them. I’ve always enjoyed speaking with Glenn and appreciated very much his nature.”
Maria SipkaCEO, Founder, Linqia

“Glenn is one of those rare people who brings, business experience and a passion for helping others together. He is good as at running groups and organising events and excellent on a one to one basis. He is a real pleasure to work with.”
Peter Cordery, Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives Ltd

“I’ve been working with Glenn for nearly 10 years, in his capacity as CEO of Ecademy. In all of that time, I have found him completely professional, as well as very sensitive to the needs of his network (as well as his shareholders!) , who can understandably be very demanding at times.  Glenn is a top quality CEO – I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation!”
Mike SouthonFounder, Beermat Events

“Glenn brings great enthusiasm to anything he tackles and has massive talents around the social media world. With his business experience he will be a great chairman for a group of SME leaders he will be establishing for the Academy for Chief executives in North London. Either in 121s or as a member of a team, he always brings great value. I have enjoyed having him as a colleague”
Alan Dean, Director, Academy for Chief Excecutives

Contact Glenn:

Tel: 07714 246509




Growing old is compulsory – growing up is not!
Glenn Watkins: growing old is compulsory - growing up is not!

Many thanks for taking an interest in me…do please get in touch.

Love Leadership – Love Learning – Love Life