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Confronting Disruption

February 17th, 2016



By Andrew B Morris

We’re living in a period of unprecedented uncertainty and volatility, which is being compounded by the disruption caused by digital innovation. As a result, business leaders have to recalibrate and course-correct far more often than they did in the past. Here are three top tips to surviving and thriving in this sort of environment:

Get creative about creativity. If there is a problem, encourage people less close to the issue to think about it. Hothousing solutions away from the sharp end can result in creative solutions. For example, if you have an IT systems problem, your technical team may be too close to it yet others outside the department may come back with a simple solution.

Rise above it. If there is a crisis,don’t assume that your business model is totally outdated or finished. Bring in someone dispassionate such as a professional facilitator who can look at what’s going on without emotion. And use your Academy Group as a sounding board.  Every month in every Group, something will have knocked someone sideways and this can provide useful learning.

Tackle resistance If you’re asking people to think differently, you’re likely to face some resistance. Deep down, we all like structure and continuity. But people will change if they are fearful or they know they must, so you have to identify the ‘burning platform’ and explain your vision. If you ask someone to move from A to B, they won’t take another step if they don’t know where Z is.


Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris is the former Chief Executive of the Academy for Chief Executives, helping businesses to accelerate growth through better leadership.  Andrew describes himself as a creative businessman, who enjoys meeting people from all facets of life. His mantra is ‘take your job seriously, but not yourself.’


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